Rice Flour Pancake

Pancakes are light, fluffy with crispy crest and soft texture inside. An ideal breakfast recipe. Good to be served as sweet with toppings like butter, honey, nuts and chocolate syrup. It will a favorite dish for kids.

Rice Flour Pancake

Yields: 4+


Rice flour - 1cup
Jaggery  - ¾ cup(grated)
Coconut - 1cup(grated)
Ghee      - ½ cup
Cashew nut - 10 nos
Cardamom powder - ½ tsp
Baking soda or fruit salt - ¼ tsp(optional)
Crushed Nuts-1 tbsp(topping)


1.      Mix grated jaggery with a glass of water to liquid consistency.
2.      Put a spoon of ghee in the pan to fry the cashews.
3.      Put rice flour, coconut, jaggery mix, fried cashews, cardamom powder in a bowl mix well with adding water as needed.
4.      Prepare the mixture to idly batter consistency and keep aside for 10-15mts.
5.      Pour the batter in Dosa pan, apply ghee and cook both sides.
6.      Serve hot sweet pan cakes with honey and crushed nuts as topping.


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