Chinese Veg Momos

Momos is a kind of dumpling(cooked ball of dough) very famous in chinese cuisine. It is also famous in Nepal,Tibet and the himalayan part of  India. It has been quite a while since I have been wanting to try making momos at home. Yesterday while browsing the net I thought of giving a search for veg momos. After so many search I decided to try on my own style because it was that easy receipe to try. You can also try meat filling,cheese filling and snickers filling too for sweet momos.

Chinese  Veg  Momos

YIELD:  16 Momos
For dough:
Maida -1cup
Baking powder a pinch
Water-1/3cup approx.

For filling:
Minced Vegetables (Carrot, Cabbage, Beans)-1cup
Onion-1medium chopped
Ginger -1/2tsp minced
Garlic-1/2tsp minced
Greenchilli/red chilli-1/2tsp crushed

For Garlic Chili sauce:
Garlic flakes-5chopped
Dry Red chili-5(soak in warm water)
Vinegar-little amount
Sugar-1/2 tsp 
Salt a pinch

1.    Mix maida, baking powder and water to make smooth dough. Keep it aside.
2.    Now make a mixture of minced vegetables onion, ginger, garlic, chilli and salt  to stuff in.
3.    Roll out each portion of dough into thin rounds.
4.    Place a portion of vegetable filling in the center and fold the edges of the dough circles like sari pleats, pinching it once you reach the end. Use a little water to seal.
5.    Repeat the step to make all the momos.
6.    Steam these momos in an idly utensil/steamer for about 10-12 minutes. Or you can also fry them.
7.    To prepare the sauce place garlic, red chili, vinegar, sugar and salt in a mixer.
8.    Serve the momos with Garlic Chili Sauce and Clear Veg Soup.

For authentic taste use mustard/sesame oil instead of refined oil. Momos are usualy served with a clear soup. To prepare the soup add some shredded vegetables to the water in the steamer and the dash of sesame,salt, pepper seasoning.


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