Fortune Pouch

Today morning my daughter asked me to prepare some different variety of snack for evening, also she suggested me to do money pouch dish. I was just wondering of how to do this. She explained me that she saw in the cartoon about money pouch craft work, then I got this idea of trying Fortune Pouch. Why I named this recipe as Fortune Pouch?? This pouch has got complete nutrients filled in it . Good health brings good fortune. I tried this afternoon and thought of sharing with you all. This can be served as a starters, snacks and guest food too. Learn this recipe and try for your kids today and get their applause.....

YIELD –8 Pouch


Spring Roll Pastry-2 sheets
Tri color Capsicum-1/4 cut finely chopped
Panner-1/3 cup finely chopped
Chickpeas-1 tbsp(boiled)
Cashew Nut-1tsp chopped
Almond-1 tsp chopped
Raisins- 1 tsp
Pistachios-1 Tsp chopped
Walnuts-1 tsp chopped
Salt-1/2 tsp


  1. Heat a fry pan add little amount of olive oil, add capsicum and chickpeas, saute well.
  2. Add Garlic Chili Sauce, paneer and saute well.
  3. Add in all the nuts and dry fruit, saute once and remove from the flame.
  4. Now divide the spring roll sheets into 8 squares(2*4) of equal size and also prepare thick strip of noodles about 8 strips each of length 2"(this will be used  to tie the pouch).
  5. Place a tbsp of the prepared filling in each square and lift the edge of each square up all the way round and tie up with the noodle strip.
  6. Proceed with the above step for all remaining sheets.
  7. Heat sufficient amount of oil for frying in a deep pan, place the prepared pouch and fry till golden brown.
  8. Serve this hot starters with sauce.


If you find no time to prepare Garlic Chilli Sauce use Chili powder and crushed garlic. 
The filling can be replaced with you choice of ingredients.

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Vah..vah...vah a great idea to trick kids who don't eat my daughter !
Very innovative and nutritious idea indeed :))
Very happy to read and try your posts are out of the box thinkers....breaking conventional cooking everyday...
I am sure we can learn a lot of ideas from todays kids..It is said that we refresh our knowledge when our kids question us..but this Fortune Pouch is something like a masterpiece..will definitely try this :))))

Latha thank you so much for your valuable comment.As you said todays kids are very smart, we need to learn a lot from them. Trying and working out on their little ideas will give immense pleasure to the mothers and make kids happy. We assure you that you can learn oodles of recipe from this ezcookbook.

liked your idea. looks wonderful.

That is an interesting name.. Seems like a healthy and delicious snack..

Meena B said...

this is reminding me of some cartoon channel prg i had seen some yrs back. they had those fortune cookies and when we open something or other is always written there

bt this version of fortune is filled with healthy ingredients
very very innovative and yummy snack..

Misal pav

Wonderful idea of making healthy snack for kids. Nice and unique name Fortune pouch looks delicious.

Lovely pouch idea to feed fussy kids. now what they will do? looking at this they are not going to say no to this and our work is done.

cute bags of nutrients:)

Anonymous said...

First time on your web page ...looks nice and its an innovative idea...


Liked ur idea, love this fortune pouch, done well dear...

Hi dear ur pouch looks very neat n pretty too...its a brilliant idea to include those yummy nuts into the filling.....tks for sharing!!

S meena. ..Thanks for feedback

Thanks dear

Absolutely true

Thanks GK...thats really pleasure for me to share this idea with all....

Those momos are looking deliciouso!

Very interesting and delicious fortume pouch. Healthy also...

Lovely healthy pouch...nice idea dear...

Jay said...

looks especially tasty
Tasty Appetite

Nice & yummy momo's.. I should try this trick on my hubby with beetroot filling ..:)

Anonymous said...

very healthy pouch....I'll try this....let u know...

thanks Bhavna... try n tell how it results you...

ohhh yah thats a good idea to work out with beetroots....

They are so so beautiful and delicious looking recipe...

Amy said...

wow!!Love these cute little pouch!

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