Noodles On Dosa Roll

Preparing food for kids!!! its really a daunting task for every mother.Kids are the main judge in our kitchen.They generally except  their meal should be attractive,mouth appealing and colorful from their mom.Here goes some variety roll  to convince their taste bud…

Noodles On Dosa Roll
Yield: 6-8 Rolls
Dosa Batter-1cup
Oil as needed

  1. Heat oil in a pan add noodles,saute it for 2mimutes.
  2. Combine boiled  vegetables like carrot,peas,mushroom,capsicum to it and season with salt,pepper.
  3. Stir the noodles for another 3 minutes.
  4. Cool down the noodles to room temperature.
  5. Heat the griddle/dosa tava,pour a small laddle of dosa batter from the center and roll it to the small circular disc shape.
  6. Apply oil on the surface and the edges of dosa.
  7. Once you find the dosa is done,reduce the flame and apply little tomato ketchup all over the surface.
  8. Place a spoon full of prepared noodles on the center part of dosa vertically.
  9. Roll the dosa from both sides.
  10. Serve this yummy Noodles On Dosa Roll for your kids as afterschool meal. 

Go for spinach/multi grain Noodles when preparing for kids,this will provide good nutritional value.


It is food time for kids !!!! This is one alarming situation every mother faces daily.
Kids are picky eaters. They have taste buds too. They react to colors, tastes and smells like adults. Today, most of the Indian children live in multi cultural environment. They are exposed to all sorts of food. They develop a sense of attachment to foreign foods and start disliking our traditional foods. Now comes the mother's role to relive the tradition as well as make her kid eat the right food with the required nutrients.
Thanks Gayathri and Ishita for sharing a wonderful idea here. Kids love noodles..when it comes to Dosa, even a six year old wants only 1 !! It is a great delicacy for the kid's palate to have noodles rolled onto dosa. My 6 year old daughter loved this dish and it has all the nutritional values in it - Protein with the dals, starch/carbohydrates with the rice, wholemeal nutrients with the noodles chosen, vitamins with the vegetables etc.
Kudos to both of u, please keep posting such delicacies to make eating for kids a pleasurable experience and feeding kids a easier job for moms !!!! :))))

Unknown said...

Thanks Latha for your valuable comment...Keep following our recipes and and your comment always boost our confidence to serve you better.

wow its fantastic idea dear.... very innovative too... will make it soon...

Wonderful idea,once I had it in a restaurant,looks super tempting...

Siri said...

nice innovative it !! will try it asap. Thank you.

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