Stir Fry Bunny Carrot

Kids are choosy and picky eaters. As a mother we always care for providing good nutritious food,but making them to eat its really a daunting task. Carrots are naturally sweet,crunchy and delicious root vegatables. This root vegetable comes with wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes,vitamin A,minerals and anti-oxidants in ample amounts. Carrot can be cooked in combination with other vegetables. Try this easy and simple Stir Fry Bunny Carrot recipe for your kids. 
Stir Fry Bunny Carrot


Bunny Carrot-1cup
Red chilli -2
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Curry leaves-1spring
Oil as needed

  1. Wash bunny carrots and cut into four vertical strips.
  2. In a deep pan heat a tbsp of oil,add cumin seeds,broken red chilli(discard seeds),curry leaves,hing and salt.
  3. Now add in the bunny carrots and spring some water for carrots to cook,cover lid and cook until carrot becomes tender and soft.
  4. Serve this Stir fry bunny carrot with steamed rice for your kids meal.

Same way you can prepare the dish with using other vegetables also.


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