Dosa Packs

Are you worried that your kid is not taking vegetables, make this Dosa  packs packed with nutrition and see how they gulp in all the nutrition needed. You can also add other vegetables or chicken or fish or mutton and make it the way you want. It is also very easy to make.

Dosa Packs

YIELD – 4 pieces


Dosa Batter - 4 cup
Paneer- 100 gram
Carrot - 1/2
Mushroom - 100 gram
Green Peas - 1 cup
Red Capsicum - 1/2
Onion - 1
Tomato - 1
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp.
Cumin powder - 1/4 tsp.
Chilli powder -1/4 tsp.
Salt - as per taste
Ghee or Oil - 2 tbsp.


  1. Chop all the vegetables lengthwise. Dice the mushrooms and paneer
  2. Heat oil in a pan. Add onions and saute.
  3. Once onions turn translucent add all the vegetables. Add the masalas and salt and cook until all the vegetables are well cooked.
  4. Heat a dosa griddle. Pour one cup of batter and spread out to a thin dosa.
  5. Place the cooked vegetables in the middle. 
  6. Fold the dosas on all the four sides to cover the vegetables to form a square shape.
  7. Cook on both sides until the batter is well cooked.
  8. Serve hot with tomato sauce. 


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