Tofu Sambal / Sambal Tauhu

Sambal is basically malaysian style sauce which serves as a robust and versatile component in their everyday cooking. Tofu spelled as Tauhu in malay and this spicy tofu sambal goes well with any main course. Tofu Sambal is made as easy as possible if you are ready with sambal sauce. Here today I explained you  easy sambal tauhu with a quick note.

Tofu Sambal / Sambal Tauhu

YIELD – 2 servings


Firm Tofu- 300grams(cut into cubes)
Onion- 1 large cut into rings
Tomato-2 medium chopped
Fresh red chilli/dried red chilli- 4-5
Garlic- 4cloves
Oil- 2-3 tbsp
Salt To Taste

Tofu Sambal / Sambal Tauhu


  1. Grind together shallot, garlic, tomato, red chilli, salt using mixer.
  2. Heat oil in a wok and add tofu cubes and shallow fry till golden brown. Drain from oil and sprinkle some salt over it and keep it.
  3. In the same pan with the leftover oil fry the onion rings, ground sambal sauce and saute well. Stir till forms a thick gravy and raw smell vanish  for about 10 minutes.
  4. Combine the fried tofu and mix well.
  5. Add  required  water to make gravy and simmer cook till tofu blends well with sauce.
  6. Dish out and serve hot with Roti Canai(roti parata) or Roti jala(netted thin crepes).
Tofu Sambal / Sambal Tauhu


If you wish add shrimp sauce/paste while preparing sambal sauce.
Prepare this sauce and  combine with main ingredient like egg, meat, prawn  to make quick fast spicy curry/sambal.
The original malaysian sambal sauce procedure will be uploaded soon.

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wow i love tofu thai or chinese style, but urs looks awsum have to try this one..happy to follow u visit me @

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Looks delicious!

Sambal looks extremely rich and colorful.Perfect with Chapathi.

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looks very yummy.. incredible and mouthwatery...

very tempting and delicious looking tofu preparation.

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looks delicious..

Yum sambal

yummy and delicious

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