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Do you also fast or keep Vrat during Navratri festival or Shravan Month? EzCookbook is coming up with new category Fasting Recipes / Vrat Recipes / Upwas Recipes / Farali Recipes. Lets celebrate these Holy Festivals together to get the almighty blessings. Here is a collection of Fasting recipes which you can try in your kitchen and spread divinity at our home....


In India It is common practise to do fasting during popular festivals i.e. Navratri, Shravan Month, Shivratri, Krishna Janmashtmi and many more. Each festivals are considered highly auspicious day for worshiping various God/Goddess. Though many are staying miles and miles apart from India they wish to celebrate all these festival that brings them to follow our rituals and customs. This will even inculcate religious belief among our next generation.

During these festivals people avoid non-vegetarian food and abstain from drinking alcohol. There are many devout Hindus, Jains and Gujaratis who are very particular about food during this month. While some eat a single meal, some avoid food which contains onion and garlic and still others eat food without salt. Some are of the view that restriction in diet is to avoid diseases during the monsoon season. Some fast the entire month, eating fruits, roots, tubes, milk and milk products and avoid grains. 

Fasting day turns out to be very hard when it comes to eat all those odd and selective foods. But people like us who take it as challenge and turn fasting into feasting by twisting all those boring food and sometimes a little innovation can make the fasting foods interesting and break monotony. Here we invents a collection of new delicious recipes for fasting to serve you feast...



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