Dosakaya Pachadi / Yellow Cucumber Chutney

The Indian Yellow cucumber has got some natural sourness taste in it. When prepared pachadi/chutney/dip out of it will be so delicious and super quick recipe which doesn't require much preparation time. This dish is from Andhra Cuisine where people use to prepare different variety of pachadi's for their lunch platter. I really enjoy this kind of pachadi which satisfy the tastebuds.

YIELD – 1Cup
Dosakaya Pachadi / Yellow Cucumber Chutney

This is a type of Indian cucumber which is round shaped.
It is low in calories,with less fat and no cholesterol. Regular intake will lower blood pressure. It has a good source of minerals, some amount of vitamin C which enhances body immune system. These are natural water soluble antioxidants, very good source of dietary fiber which helps in relieving constipation. Raw cucumber juice will soothes heart burn and acidity,also helps in controlling eczema.



Yellow Cucumber-1 no.
Tamarind extract- 2tsp
Green chilli-3no.
Garlic-2 cloves
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Salt To Taste

For Seasoning:
Mustard Seeds-1tsp
Split Urad Dhal-1tsp
Broken red chilli-2-3(optional)
Curry Leaves-few spring


  1. Wash and scrape cucumber. Peel and discard seeds. Dice into small cubes( Taste a piece of cucumber for bitterness, if it is bitter it is of vain).
  2. Combine cucumber, green chilli, tamarind, cumin seeds, garlic and salt to the blender or mixie. Make a coarse paste. Dish out to the bowl.
  3. Prepare seasoning and pour over the chutney and mix well.
  4. Serve with hot steamed rice, dollop of ghee. This can also be used for Idli / dosa, chappati as a side dish.


Similar way can prepare using green cucumber too with more tamarind extract added for better taste.

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nice tangy pachadi

Super tempting chutney,wish to have with some crispy dosas.

Shanthi said...

looking yummy..nice color..

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