Happy Independence Day!!!!


India was under the Rule of the British until 1947. On August 15ths 1947 British set India Free from its rule and India became a Sovereign Nation. This day is celebrated every year as the Independence Day of India. India is known for its Unity in Diversity.
We, the Proud Indians, irrespective of the country, we live united by the Spirit of India. The Patronage within us is built from our childhood and we are always enlightened by our National Anthem wherever we hear it. Patriotism within us is one of the strongest thing that makes us unite wherever we may be. People in India or out of India always want to pass on the patriotism through generations.

Today to celebrate our Independence day we bring special Tri Color recipe to celebrate our Independence Day.  This will also help us to teach our children about 3 colors of our Indian National Flag. Saffron power of strength & unity, White power to maintain peace, Green power to increase prosperity and harmony.

Here goes the list of Independence Day Special Recipes 

Tri Color Idli

Tri Color Rice

Tri Color Dhokla

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