Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

This is the simplest and quickest of all pasta recipes. The term "Aglio e Olio" refers to "Garlic and  oil" in Italian language. Off course this is an authentic Italian recipe with key ingredient like garlic, oil and pasta. This is one of the easiest recipe among all pasta delights and just I included asparagus to add flavor. You can even use mushrooms, shrimps, any other veggies of your choice but traditional recipe doesn't require any of these ingredients. 

Spaghetti  Aglio e Olio

Useful Tips Of How to Cook Pasta:
Cook pasta with sufficient water and salt as this will help to reduce or eliminate salt usage for later preparation.
Do not add oil while boiling pasta as this will prevent pasta from absorbing salt and spoil overall flavor of the dish.
To check whether the pasta is Al dente (cooked completely) test one string pasta from cooking by cutting it  and note if you see white dot in the middle with hard it is not done well. As soon as the white dot disappears but still hard then al dente can drain out.

YIELD – 2 Servings


Spaghetti- 1pack
Asparagus-1 bunch(optional)
Garlic- 10 cloves finely chopped
Dried parsley herb- 2tsp
Olive oil- 11/2tbsp
Pepper powder to taste
Salt To Taste

To Serve With:
Dried red chilli flakes
Parmesan Cheese powder


  1. Bring sufficient water to bowl in a large pan and add the spaghetti with salt. Cook for 8-10 minutes as per packet instruction. Pass to strainer and drain excess water. Keep aside. Reserve some tbsp of water for final usage.
  2. Mean while fry the asparagus with little oil, salt to crisp soft and tender.
  3. Now heat olive oil in a fry pan add garlic and saute till it turns light golden brown. do not burn and if it happens it will ruin the entire taste of the dish from its originality. 
  4. Add the spaghetti and toss everything together. Combine the reserved pasta boiled water(adding this pasta water helps bind all ingredients and the starch in it gives smooth finish to the dish).
  5. Season with salt, pepper and parsley.
  6. Spoon out hot and serve with cheese powder, dried red chilli flakes to top.
Spaghetti  Aglio e Olio


If you wish add veggie as per your choice. If possible use fresh parsley.
Do not compromise with garlic and olive oil usage otherwise you have to compromise with taste.

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Simple n flavorful pasta

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the most popular spaghetti dish in the south of Italy. So simple but so full of taste!

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