Chilli Cheese Egg Quesadillas

A mexican style simple yet delicious breakfast Quesadillas. Weekend mornings are very special to me, a chance to wake up late and take time to make some special breakfast. This is most favourite breakfast for my daughter(lover of cheese). These are special - they are quesadillas and they doesn't required much attention to cook . You simply need to scramble egg, grate some cheese and top on quesadillas and cook until cheese melts. Serve with salad and yogurt.

I really love these kind of breakfast , you can simply stuff with any kind of filling can add veggie of your choice and can goes well with non veg stuffing too.

YIELD –2serving


Eggs-2 no.
Tortilla sheets -2(click here)
Fresh Red Chilli-1-2 finely chopped
Grated Cheese-1/4 cup or
Cheese Powder
Butter-1/2 tsp
Oil -1tbsp
Salt To Taste


  1. Heat a fry pan.Add oil, add finely chopped chilli, saute for a while.
  2. Add two beaten eggs and scramble it.
  3. Season with required and transfer the egg scramble to the bowl.
  4. Now heat a flat pan. Apply butter/oil place the tortilla and fry both sides. 
  5. Now reduce the flame place the scrambled egg on one side of the tortilla followed by grated cheese and flip the other end over the topping and cook  till cheese melts  for few seconds. Do repeat the procedure for second tortilla.
  6. Serve with greek-style yogurt, salsa and fruits.


You  can add some mushrooms or raw veggie like carrot cherry tomato to this quesadillas.

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Much inviting...

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy and ofcourse should taste good too!!

Yummy cheesy, perfect for breakfast

Anonymous said...
Unknown said...

wow too tempting...luks delicious.

Anonymous said...

very nice and colourful this dish. A great way to start the week.

Unknown said...

new to me, looks great

Unknown said...

Very delicious.. Just had them yesterday & loved them.. The stuffing inside is different though.

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