Crispy Fried Drumstick Leaves

Thank You Jaishri for sharing this healthy recipe with Us. 
A healthy yet tasty drumstick leaves fry which is unknown recipe among many of us. This recipe I learned from my SIL Jaishri. This is very excellent dish goes well with hot rice.

Crispy  Fried Drumstick leaves

Drumstick  leaves have very good source of Iron, calcium, vitamins which promotes strong and healthy growth of bones for growing kids. This is essential food for lactating mother when served with ghee to increase breast milk and also to reduce post -delivery complication. Prepare and intake many variety of dish with drumstick leaves to lead healthy life.

YIELD –1 cup


DrumStick Leaves- 2-3 cups
Pepper Powder-1tsp
Salt To Taste


  1. Remove leaves from stem carefully and discard leaves that are pale yellowish in color(this will create stomach upset if we use to cook).
  2. Wash and pat dry in clean cotton towel (this will take minimum 2hrs to dry completely). Otherwise you can simply rub the leaves slightly with thick kicthen towel to dry faster. 
  3. Heat oil in a non stick skillet, tilt the pan  to spread oil evenly. Add the drumstick leaves and fry till it turns to crisp dark green texture. Do not burn the leaves carefully stir constantly on medium high flame to get perfect crispy texture.
  4. Once it is done season with salt and pepper.
  5. Serve hot immediately with steamed rice, dollop of rice.
  6. If you wish serve with crispy fried garlic along with it.


To remove leaves from stem faster refridgerate overnight it by rolling completedly with paper  and next day it will starts to fall by itself and easy to use.
Consume the fried leaves immediately to enjoy the fresh crispy taste.
Non stick or cast iron skillet will work faster to fry.

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