Cucumber Lemonade

A very refreshing Lemonade  made with cucumber and lemon.

This one be really big hit with all cucumber lover's and especially during peak summer. The minerals in the cucumbers are a welcome relief for sizzling bloodstream. Cool as a cucumber and shine like a Lemon.

Intake a large glass of lemon water every morning, it balances pH, helps to keep skin clear and glow, it kick start your digestive tract and helps in weight loss management to shape up the body. Lemon is a natural energizer and it hydrates the body to feel refreshed.

YIELD – 4 Servings


Cucumber - 1 large
Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice-1cup
Sugar-3/4 cup
Water -3 cup


  1. Wash, peel the outer skin of the cucumber and blend it with sugar to smooth juice using liquidiser.
  2. Now add the lemon juice and water to the cucumber juice, blend again.
  3. Pour it on the frosty glass and serve with ice cubes.
  4. Refreshing cucumber lemonade is ready to enjoy.


If you wish add 1 cup of soda water along with the juice. In that case reduce water level to 2 cups.

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Refreshing drink!!

Unknown said...

nice presentation..

meenab said...

this is really refreshing drink. i think with soda it wud be even more yummy. Hi i am new to your place came to you via some other blog

u got wonderful dishes here

am glad to follow you and i have subscribed to u via feed

do visit my space when you get time

random ramblings

dudhi with chana dal

Nice refreshing drink for the summer dear

anjana said...

very nice and different drink..looks so refreshing!

Julie said...
Anonymous said...

a fancy lemonade and very refreshing!

nice refreshing drink

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