Dragon Potato

Potato Manchurian is a very tasty and tangy Indian Chinese starter. A perfect dish for kids. Can be served as a starter in party or kids Tiffin or as a evening snack. If Kids favorite, Tummy Happy Mummy Happy!!!!

Dragon Potato


Potatoes - 4 nos.
Salt as per taste
Corn flour - 4 tbsp
Oil for frying
Carrot - 1/2 cup (cut it into 1" long)
Capsicum - 1/2 cup (cut it into 1" long) 
Onion - 1/2 cup (cut into long)
Soya sauce - ½ cup (approx. 8-10tsp)
Tomato ketchup - 2 teaspoons
Chili-garlic sauce - 2 teaspoons
Hot chili sauce - 2 teaspoons
Pepper powder - 1/2 tbsp
Spring onions – 2-4 chopped
Garlic - 2 cloves chopped
Ginger - 1 piece grated
1.      Wash Potatoes and peel the skin. Slice them into wedge shaped. Wash it in cold water and dry them with kitchen paper. 
2.      Add 2-3 tbsp of corn flour and toss them well.
3.      In a deep frying pan, add 1 tbsp of salt in hot oil. Add corn flour coated potatoes in oil and fry them till it turns golden brown and crispy.
4.      Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a separate pan. 
5.      Add onion, ginger, garlic and sauté them. Add carrot and capsicum and cook it for 2 mins.
6.      Now add all the sauces, pepper and salt to taste. (add salt for veggies only as we have already added salt in potatoes while frying)
7.      Add remaining 1 tbsp of corn flour in 1/4 cup of cold water. mix well and add it to the above veggies
8.      Stir for some time and add potato wedges in it and toss is well.
9.      Garnish it will spring onion.

You can avoid adding chili sauce and pepper if preparing for kids.

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