Taste Of The Tropics - Authentic Indian Platter

We are so grateful and excited to guest host our next blog event. We would like to thank Chef Mireille for this great opportunity. For the month of October, We are guest hosting Chef Mireille’s Taste of the Tropics event with the theme of Authentic Indian Platter.

    Why we choose India?
    India - first thing comes to mind is its diversity.
    A large country with the population over 1.2 billion and is divided into four regions as North India, South India , East India and West India. Each region is again divided with many states in it. There are 28 states and 7 union territories. Each state has its own native cuisine. Many variety of foods are prepared based on cultivation and food grocery. It is very much influenced based on religious  and cultural choices.

    We really love the use of numerous spices and flavor to give aroma.   In general Indians take their food seriously and every mother starts caring about their family deit and health. They even start to teach traditional cooking to their daughters in early to carry for future generation.

    Learning cuisines of all over India is not possible in short spam as we need years of patience since it is vast like a sky and deeper like a ocean. But we can try to bring one recipe from each state which will satisfy us that we got to know about Regional cuisine of India. We wish to learn and bring out basic authentic traditional delicacy from each of these state. So we thought this is not possible without  your support and contribution. Lets join together and contribute recipes from each region with its original touch and flavor. This will greatly spread our Indian Food world wide.
    Image Source : Wikipedia
    Look at the image above from wikipedia contributed by Faiz Haider. This is a sample of recipes from every state and must try recipes too. Known here is few but unknown is like a ocean. let's take a step to know some more. Here comes with the simple rules.

    Rules for the event:
    • The event span is for one month from October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012.
    • It can be any Authentic Indian Platter which is specialized and popular in particular region of India.
    • Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are allowed.
    • Link back your recipes to this announcement page as well as chef Mireille's announcement page. Usage of logo is appreciated as it spread a wide.
    • Archived posts are also allowed .Re-Post it and link it back to the event announcement page.
    • You must be a follower of our blog or in the facebook or in the networked blogs or twitter.
    • It can be of any origin of Indian platter (breakfast / meal / dinner / chat /dessert / soup / snacks platter etc.).but make sure platter includes min 2 recipes upto as many you wish. i.e. main dish with side dishes, starter, soup, snacks, pickle, salad, beverages as many you like to serve in your platter.
    • As this is a bit lengthy process to prepare everything at a time , we would like suggest you with ease that is if you have archived recipes in seperate posts for example rice in one post and curry in another post, pickle in other . Do merge all these post in new post and publish it. 
    • The Title of the post should include the origin of recipe belongs to which state of India.
    • For Example - Bombay Pav bhaji, Rajsthani Dal Bati Churma, Tamil Nadu Idli Sambhar vadai with chutney, Gujarati thali , North Indian Thali, Punjabi Chole Bhature, Kerela Onam Sadhya Platter, Andhra Pradesh Pesarattu with rava upma and Ginger Chutney, Goa - Rice and Fish curry.

      Waiting for all your wonderful entries.....


      Divya A said...
      Anonymous said...

      Thanks Divya ... We are waiting for your entry....

      Congrats for your first event :-)
      Happy Hosting !!
      Will send my recipe too !!

      Today's Recipe

      Moong Dal Ladoo Chaat

      Unknown said...

      sounds fun!! happy hosting!!
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      thanks all for the wishes and waiting for all your entries...

      thanks so much for hosting!

      happy hosting

      wonderful event dear. Just linked up my entry :)

      Divya A said...
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      thanks for hosting :) just linked up my entry :)

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