Homemade Idli / Dosa | Batter Preparation

Hi friends , yesterday I posted Tiffin sambar but without main dish Idli / Dosa. Here is is the recipe for Idli / dosa batter preparation and how to make perfect homemade soft Idli? The staple South Indian breakfast is Idli / Dosa - a mother food . An ideal food that goes well with sambar and chutney off course with Idli Millagai podi.  This post  would be helpful to all kitchen noob. The batter for both Idli / Dosa preparation is same as well with the rice and urad dhal(lentil) combination of ratio 2:1.

Almost every Indian family will stock up their fridge with sufficient quantity of Idli / Dosa batter for a week or 10 ten days minimum. This is very helpful for working people during week days.


Boiled Rice / idli Rice- 4 cups
Whole White Urad Dhal-1cup
Fenugreek Seeds-1tsp
Salt To Taste

Method For Preparing Batter:

  1. Wash and soak boiled rice in water for 3-4 hours.
  2. Wash and soak urad dhal with fenugreek for minimus two hours. Now drain excess water and grind to  fluffy and smooth paste.( add water while grinding as needed to blend but not much).
  3. Now grind soaked rice with enough water to mild course paste.
  4. Now mix both paste together to form a batter for Idli / Dosa. Add salt and mix well. Let the batter gets ferment for overnight or minimun 10 hours to set.
  5. Use large vessel to set batter to ferment and to avoid overflow.
  6. Next day morning stir the batter with a laddle and prepare Idli/ Dosa as per your choice.

Method For Preparing Idli:

  1. The batter for making perfect idli should be coarsely ground. The urad dhal is ground smooth and rice is ground coarsely. It is then combined together to ferment.
  2. Use Idli Steamer and Idli moulds to make Idli. Grease Idli moulds with little oil and pour the batter to each of  the mould. Steam cook using steamer for 7-10 minutes.

Method For Preparing Dosa:

  1. The batter for making dosa should be smooth enough and thinner compare to Idli batter.
  2. For preparing dosa use flat griddle like Cast Iron Tava or nonstick pan. Pour the batter from the center and swirl to make good circular shape. Apply oil over the edges and in the middle and cook till golden crisp texture. 
  3. Serve with Sambhar and Chutney.


  • This is a versatile batter that gives hand at all time when you find hard time to cook food.
  • This is basic batter from which many versions of Idli, hundreds of dosa varieties are made.
  • If you are using mixie or other processor to grind the batter add few amount of poha soaked in water for 10-15 minutes before grinding. This will yield very soft Idli.
  • Tip the batter should thick for making Idli and should little thiner for making Dosa. You can able to understand this while experimenting in the kitchen.

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Divya A said...

The dosa looks so crispy, idlis soft and light!!

Prefect looking idli and super crispy dosa, loving it.

sharanya said...

I like the plate. It is perfect. crispy dosa and fluffy idly.

Perfect idlis and crispy dosas.

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