Lemon Rice | Lime Rice

A spicy sour lemon rice from south Indian kitchen with appealing color and flavor.

Lemon or lime both makes us  to think more sensibly.  Do you know what makes both to stand unique from each other? Not only the color as lemon in yellow and lime in green. The taste is the main aspect  perhaps lemon tastes sour whereas lime has got  bitter/sweet. I don't know how many of you aware of this basic difference apart from color. I generally prefer former one to use in my cooking. But for a change I tried latter in preparing rice and resulted exactly same with no big difference, so both have sourness too in common. Both are citrus fruit, rich in Vitamin C. So now I will use both in my cooking hope you too will.

This lemon rice is a enticing recipe that plays vital role in Indian kitchen whether it is festival or some potluck or party or for naivedhyam to god. This is such a simple and delicious variety rice that will be good for the whole day. A perfect picnic meal or lunch box special for kids. An ideal meal combo with spicy potato fry. I really love this combo. Check this jiffy to make recipe here......

YIELD –2 serving


Raw rice-1 cup
Lemon / Lime juice - 1/3 cup
Salt To Taste
Green Chilli- 4-5 no.slit lengthwise(adjust as per taste)
Roasted peanuts- 1tbsp
Mustard Seeds-1tsp
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Split Urad Dhal- 1tsp
Turmeric Powder-1tsp
Curry leaves- Few spring


  1. Wash and pressure cook rice with two cup of water or cook in wide open pot with sufficient water until soft. Drain out rice using colander to discard starch / excess water.
  2. Cool the rice in a flat plate with a spoon of oil, little turmeric applied roughly. This step helps to evaporate the moisture in rice to make perfect lemon rice.
  3. Squeeze juice from lemon or lime with a 2tsp of salt in a bowl. Adjust the juice according to the sourness you prefer.
  4. Heat a fry pan with oil. Add mustard seeds, when it starts to splutter add cumin, urad dhal, green chilli, curry leaves, asefatodia.
  5. Pour this seasoning over the rice. Add in the lemon juice.Mix everything together and garnish with roasted peanuts.
  6. Check for salt and add if required. Serve with spicy potato fry.
Sometimes when you get excess rice leftover, prepare this recipe and will be too good after couple of hours from the preparation process.


  • To add some additional flavor add chopped ginger along with seasoning.
  • Include grated carrots to make rice more attractive with kids.
  • Add few roasted cashew nuts if you don't have peanuts in pantry.

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Unknown said...

Like this tempered rice, very flavour full and delicious!

Suhaina said...

love the colour and the tangy rice very much. nicely done.

Unknown said...

like its color and nice preparation..

Unknown said...

Delicious rice....

Unknown said...

Wow my fav,luks delicious...

Unknown said...

love this all time...

Love the color of the rice. question : what kind of rice do u use generally making all kinds of rice?

Who will say no to this tangy rice,just love it.

Anonymous said...

love the color...my favorite rice..

divya said...

looks finger licking good. love the beautiful clicks as well. really tempting.

Unknown said...
Unknown said...

Hi dear, For making variety like such preparation I generally prefer to use normal pasarisi / raw rice....only the way we cook rice may vary depends on the usage....

Beautiful :)

Shylaja said...

Delicious and inviting rice

Faseela said...

Delicious n tangy rice

hi ladies-thanks for your visits, glad to know you. very interesting color. never tried tried this before ..looks yummy. have a nice day

Lakshmi said...

Lemon Rice is all time fav :) looks yummy in the plate

Never tried this recipe. It's so much nicer than serving plain rice. I'll make this next time I make rice. it should work fine with basmati rice too!

Unknown said...

yes u can even try with basmati rice will be more tasty.

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