Buttermilk Rice Porridge - Yogurt-based breakfast Recipe

Porridge made of leftover rice and buttermilk with added condiments and salt

Rice has been a staple diet in most part of asia for many decades. The love for rice has made people to regenerate many varieties out of it with added condiments and flavors.
The porridge which I made is based from watered rice - cooked rice is soaked in water for 8-10 hours. The resulted mixture will be so soft and starchy in consistency. It is then tempered  to best consume.

Many variety of dishes are prepared to reuse the leftover rice like lime rice, talimpu rice, pepper rice, rice cakes, porridge. One such delicious and quick recipe is yogurt based rice porridge. This recipe is one such staple food for years until now. This is originated mainly from country side and a staple breakfast for people over there.

This buttermilk rice porridge is really a super delicious and healthly dish. It is loaded with full of nutrients. The best way to consume the leftover rice in a healthy porridge. Having this porridge as a morning breakfast will helps to kick start your day with more energetic. This is such a filling and soothing drink for stomach. It helps to cool the body heat especially during summer. Addition of buttermilk gives this watered rice a good appetizing sour taste.

This is originally made very simple by adding yogurt or buttermilk to the watered rice and had with side of  dried salt fish or Indian Pickles with raw onion. I prepare the way my mom use to do here. Seasoned with green chilli  to give good spice, cumin to help digestion, buttermilk to add sourness, curry leaves for flavor and goodness, raw onion a natural antibiotic.Try this simple and tasty porridge. Hopefully writing this to avail you from spoiling the rice....

YIELD – 2 bowls


Leftover Rice- 1 cup
uttermilk- 1cup (beat 2-3tbsp of plain sour yogurt with 3/4th cup of water)
Green Chilli Chopped-1tbsp
Curry Leaves  few string
Onion- 1medium chopped or Shallots- 5 chopped
Mustard Seeds-1tsp
Cumin Seeds-1 tsp
Asafetodia-1/4 tsp
Salt -1/2 tsp
oil - 2 tsp for Seasoning


  1. Soak cooked rice (leftover) a day old in sufficient water(1cup) ovebnight. Next day rice will be of frothy and soft in texture. ash gently with hands.
  2. Tranfer to mixing bowl and pour over buttermilk with salt.
  3. Now heat a fry and prepare seasoning. Heat oil add mustard and wait till it splutter. Add cumin seeds, green chilli, curry leaves and asefetodia.
  4. Pour this seasoning to the porridge and add chopped onion. Mix well with laddle and check for salt.
  5. Serve with any pickle or mor milagai.


If you don't like seasoning,  just add buttermilk and chopped onion to porridge to consume.
Soaking rice in water overnight is more important.

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Kadhi Pakodi


healthy and tasty!

Healthy n delicious porridge...

Real healthy and innovative...

It's divine..A very comfy porridge.

Unknown said...

This one of the healthiest drink we can have!!

Thanks for sharing here.

Healthy and super cool porridge.

Unknown said...

lovely one to have on a day when you have stomach upset

Delicious porridge n healthy too!


Unknown said...

very healthy kanji.. delicious..

divya said...

Just mouthwatering!

Wat a healthy food, been ages i had them.

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