Choco Pinwheels ~ No Cooking Recipe

Chocolate biscuit coconut rolls

I got much impressed with food blogs flooded with cakes and cookies. Many of the blogger friends are really making their  way for preparing such a wonderful cakes with much impressive clicks. Though we don't have concentrated much on cakes n bakes part in our site and yet to start....

What I felt is? Why not should give a try for some instant chocolate treat for this Christmas and new year? I got a recipe from my cook book collection which  really impressed me a lot and without any delay worked it. The result is what you see in these clicks. A very simple and quick chocolate I made at home. This is again a hit in my home and my cuttie pie loved it so much. She ate as many she can on the same day. 

This recipe requires no cooking process and you can engage your kids in preparing chocolate as it is kids friend recipe. The combination chocolate, biscuit, coconut and milkmaid makes this chocolate a delicious treat. A perfect party snack too.

YIELD :15 mini choco pinwheels


Marie Biscuits- 12 no.
Coconut Powder- 1/2 cup
Drinking Chocolate Powder - 6tbsp
Milkmaid -1/2 tin
Milk Few tsp
Polythene Wraps -3 to 4 sheets

*You can use Sweetened choco powder for chocolate powder.


  1. First crush marie biscuits into fine powder and sieve it if any lumps. Now mix marie biscuit powder with chocolate powder and half of the milkmaid. Knead gently and make firm dough. Grease hands with milk to avoid stickiness.
  2. Flatten the prepared dough between polythene sheets. Roll using rolling pins to thick  Roti. Keep aside
  3. In another vessel mix together coconut powder and rest of milkmaid. In the same way make big ball and roll it thin disc.
  4.  Now place this coconut(white) rolled circle on the top of the chocolate(brown) rolled circle. Start folding both the circles together to form a cylindrical roll just like swiss rolls. Do not fold polythene sheets along with it.
  5. Now just wrap this cylindrical roll in a foil. Fbeeze it for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Remove the roll from freezer and cut into small rolls and it will look like Pinwheels with brown and white combination. If the roll sticks to the knife while you cut then freeze again till set.


  • Substitute milkmaid with milk and sugar if you don't have ready in hands.
  • Add few tsp of milk is the dough consistency is too tight. 
  • If the dough consistency is loosen add some more biscuit powder.
  • If you find difficult in peeling out  the rolled brown or white layer from sheets freeze it once for 1-2 minute. This helps to remove faster without break.
  • The chocolate should be refrigerated after every use to avoid melting.

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Unknown said...

Choco pinwheel looks so delicious and inviting. Maryy christmass to u.

wow very yummy dear... i have bookmarked it...

nicely done pinwheels..looks perfect

Unknown said...

nice presentation gals :) well made..

Reva said...

This indeed is a treat..:)) Loved it..

Beautifully done cookies... Looks yum

nicely done.. so yummy

lovely picwheels, perfectly done!!!
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anjana said...

So neat and perfect!!loved this easy and delicious pinwheel recipe.

Unknown said...

Amazing pin wheels....looks so appetizing...

Looks very beautiful and neat dear..Like to try it..

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Looking perfect.. And nice click too...

Cute and breathtaking pinwheels..very attractive.

Anonymous said...

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So if you & you sibling.
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Hello Ezcooks - I did this for my friend's son's b'day and it was a hit :) Thanks for the easy recipe which brought me customers indeed !!
Looking for more such no baking recipes from you....

Unknown said...

wow thats grt Latha... thank you so much for sharing your views after trying out.....will come up with more such recipes for sure....

perfectly done looks so yum ...nice pics

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