Kesariya Shahi Rabri Toast / Shahi Tudka

A royal dessert made of fried bread dipped in sweetend milk sauce

Shahi Tukda / Tukra is a very exotic and  popular dish of mogul cuisine. Shahi means "Royal" and tukda mean "Pieces" together gives a literal meaning in english as "Royal  Pieces". The bread pieces are fried crisp in ghee and soaked in thick  rich flavored sweet milk sauce called as rabri. The traditional recipe also includes khoya but I didn't prefer to use. This sauce is same as rasmalai sauce and thus popular in North India too. So I decided to name it as "Kesariya Shahi Rabri Toast  ".

It is  believed that it is originated from Pakistan. A traditional Pakistani dessert included in all parties and wedding ceremony. After so many search about this recipe's origin I found that it is also popular in south India especially in hyderabad(AP) known as "Double Ka Meetha". Looking at the procedure both these recipe have more similarities. But any how I need to try that soon......

If you are among millions of dessert -lovers including me, then you must try this dessert for sure that is really gonna satisfy your sweet tooth. You can easily prepare this delicious high calorie sweet at home without spending much money. I swear you will fall in love with this yummilicious dessert without any delay. This is very simple and quick making party dessert  that taste graet even after long time.

YIELD : 8  or 16 Tudkas


White Bread / Whole Wheat Bread -4 slices
Full Cream Milk-2 1/2 cups
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Saffron / Kesari / kumkum Puvu  - few strands(soak in 2tbsp of warm milk)
Pistachios- fistful finely crushed
Almonds - fistful thinly sliced
Cardamom Powder A Pinch
Vanilla Essence -1 tsp(optional)
Oil / Ghee -1/2 cup To Fry the Bread

*use rose water for vanilla essence if you wish.
* If you are particular about calories replace full cream milk with low fat milk.


  1. Boil Milk in a open thick bottomed vescel till it condenses to 1/4 th of the quantity. Keep stirring milk to prevent it from sticking at the bottom of the vessel.
  2. Once it starts to reduce in quantity add saffron milk and sugar. Stir well. Once got thick and pouring consistency add few of almond and pista(reserve few for garnish). Switch off the stove.
  3. In the meanwhile, trim the edges of the bread and cut into diagonally further to quarters or any desired shape. Deep fry them in the ghee or oil till golden crisp on low flame.
  4. Insert the fried bread slices in the condensed milk. When the milk is fully wrapped on the bread, pick them out in a serving dish and spread the remaining milk over it.
  5. Garnish with almonds and pistachios.
  6. Serve hot or cold as per choice.


  • Frying the bread is done on low flame otherwise it turns brown faster leaving no crispiness. Thus makes the dessert very soggy feels like bread pudding.
  • You can also toast bread using toaster. Double toast for more crisp.
  • Some people prepares chasni{sugar syrup) and dip fried breads before adding in condensed milk. If you wish try this style too. 

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Can't take my eyes off....Drooling!!

Love the shahi tukda...looks yumm

wow well done n well decorated, tempting!!!
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Unknown said...

Delicious, I love this dessert and your version looks completely drool worthy!

If you offer the rava idlies down there and the shahi thukde dessert as dinner for my family, they will be excited! they will finish off happily (than my cookies and raw date truffles lol) Wonderfully presented!

Love this simple and elegant dessert.

OMG !!! Love Love Love it...

so yummy shahi tukda..

Looks very all time favorite desert!

my favorite yet to try on my hand...
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Unknown said...

very rich and yummy looking dessert.

Unknown said...

very rich and delicious desert..

divya said...

OMG...looks awesome n mouthwatering...

Rich and very tempting shahi tukda..I dont mind inviting myself to ur place.

Unknown said...
Julie said...

beautifull presented,looks delicious!
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Unknown said...

wonderful presentation dearies ...sent me to drool!!!:)

Unknown said...

n awesome clicks :)

just because its has tobe deep fried :) i yet to try ! i love double ka meetha ! u presented well

Unknown said...

Hi i mentioned if u worry abt deep frying..jus toast the breads n if want double toast....njoy

Unknown said...

Thats my pleasure Bharthy... Any time

Delicious and creative, I'd love to try it....

Great presentation, wonderful recipe!!!

Happy to follow you, I would be glad, if you stop by mine too!
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radha said...

Delicious. And yes, Double ka Meetha is another dessert that is almost like this.

My Favt :)

Unknown said...

Toast looks yummy and mouth watery. First time here.
Happy to follow you.
Glad, if you stop by mine too.

Wow.. this looks so delicious.. I love sweets.. this dessert is my next trial for sure.. thanks for sharing :)

delicious and tempting...Ongoing event : Fast food - poha and Know your dairy- Milk events in my blog

This looks so tempting !! Very well presented. I have these without guilt ..

Looks so yummy and perfect...Felt like it is just oozing out of the screen..

Chitra said...

wow, u made me drooool :)

great dessert! a must try!

Wow. This looks too tempting. Nice clicks...

Hema said...

Sinfully delicious, nicely done, very tempting..

Lakshmi said...

Shahi Tukra Toast looks yummy! Love to grab that plate now..

Unknown said...

Shahi rabri toast looks very delicious. Very well presentation.

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