Hash Browns - Fried Potato Pancakes

Fried potato pancakes - a delicious English breakfast.

Hi friends, 
We would like to re-post our very first recipe "Hash Brown" which was posted a year ago in-order to show our learning curve. Over a year we were involved in various aspects of blogging and would like to share our experience to buddy food bloggers:

Tips For Food blog beginners:

  • Explore and learn Information about the cuisine you wish to post.
  • Read the post as a reader, not as an author.
  • Try to tag the  keywords for better search preference.
  • Use social media for promoting your site and to make yourself visible.
  • You do not require a High resolution camera like DSLR, just start with the camera you have. Explore the features in that model, try food photography in all the possible angles you can.
  • Concentrate more on the food presentation - the serving dishes, background, style, lighting.(Try to capture in a good natural light for an appealing food)
  • Imagine the possible way of balance the food color and table ware to suit best to tone up. Capture the recipe.
  • Use photoshop / picasa / any photo editing tool you need to decorate your photo as you garnish your food. Add effects if needed, include copyright, water marks...     

      This is my first click a year before.                            This is my recent click  with the same 
                   (as a beginner)                                                                 camera.

Hash Brown Potato


Here goes our first recipe which we posted exactly the same day a year back:

The most popular English Breakfast - Hash Browns (a simple potato pancake) are easy to prepare and perfect breakfast recipe. Once I had this hash brown in restaurant as a morning breakfast and thought of trying out at home, while browsing in the internet I found it so simple and immediately I tried on my own. Hash browns are made using diced or shredded potatoes combined  with egg and plain flour as a binding agent, which is seasoned with salt and pepper. It is then shaped to fry. These are golden crispy outside and tender moist soft on inside, an ideal food for kids.

Yields:5-6 patties
Potatoes - 2 large (select starch free potato)
Salt  -  ¼ tsp
Pepper powder - ½ tsp
All Purpose Flour - 1tbsp
Oil as needed for frying


  1. Par boil potatoes in heavy bottom vessel. (Do not overcook)
  2. Cool down the boiled potatoes and peal off the skin and grate the potatoes evenly using big edge grater.Mix a tbsp of flour to it.Transfer the grated potatoes to the rectangular tray and spread it evenly.
  3. Spray some salt and pepper and mix it with the help of fork.
  4. Using any moulds make shapes with this mixture. (Use any shapes)
  5. Now heat wok and apply 2tbsp of oil. Place the shaped potato mix over the oil spread and cook until crispy golden brown ,flip it over the other side proceed with the same.(or deep fry as you prefer)
  6. Now the yummy, crispy hash browns are ready to serve with  tomato / chilli sauce.
  7. Best having for breakfast with pancakes or as evening snacks.

  • For variation you can use plantain / raw banana instead of potato or both together. If you wish can deep fry this hash brown instead of shallow fry for more crisp.
  • Add one beaten egg, if you wish to taste more delicious.


Very wholesome and delicious looking pancakes. Excellent presentation.

Unknown said...

Perfect for breakfast....amazing better thn store bought....

Unknown said...

wow very delicious dearies :)

very perfect hashbrowns... yumm...

divya said...

Oohhh so delicious n inviting

Seriously i want a plate full of this droolworthy pancakes.

Suhaina said...

very well captured dear.. i am still in the learning phase in photography. .ur fotos looks superb and even the hash browns..keeo up the good work.

Congrats. Nice info for beginners.

Anything with the potato i just love it.Simple and quickly made pan cake.Bookmarked.


anjana said...

Delicious and tempting !!

huh huh..wht a surprise..same pinch here..made them for bf yesterday..looking crispy and tasty :0

Unknown said...

oh wow......super dear...

Mouthwatering ...perfect for evening tea and breaky too !!!

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Alka said...

You can also use bread crumbs (powdered) or corn flour to make it more crispy. The menu is very tasty if you serve with date chutny.

Very tasty

perfect breakfast side with eggs.

Shanthi said...

awesome clicks...i love hashbrowns....

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