Leftover Roti Churma ~ Under 10 minutes

A Sweet Churma made from whole wheat Roti/Chapati with jaggery and ghee.

Roti/Chapatis are soft and best when you eat them hot hot....But we dont like to eat leftover rotis same way along with curries or dal as it will become little hard and chewy...Specially when guest were around and left out with so many rotis, dont know how to use them...Here is a really quick sweet recipe to utilize leftover rotis. Learn how to make leftover roti/chapati Churma in 10 minutes.

Preparation & Cooking Time : 10 minutes

YIELD : 2 serving


Leftover Roti/Chapati - 5 nos.
Mixed dry fruit powder - 2 tbsp
Jaggery - 3 tbsp (grated) adjust according to taste
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Cardomom Powder - 1 pinch 


  1. Break rotis in pieces and churn it in mixer and make coarse. It should be like rava/Sooji.
  2. If you dont have dry fruit powder ready add all dry fruits along with Roti in mixer.
  3. Heat the ghee in pan and add jaggery. let it melt down and add roti powder and dry fruit powder in it.
  4. add cardamom powder and mix well.
  5. Take off from heat and serve. Garnish with cashewnuts.
  6. If you wish make laddoos out of this mixture.


  • Preferabaly use 1 day old rotis for best results. Keep them in fridge so it will become little hard. If you have more time microwave/bake/roast them for few minutes to make them more crisp.
  • Dont cook Jaggery much, just need to melt it down and add roti powder immediately.

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meenab said...

ahha recall this one from my mom now

this is good one

nice idea for leftovers. I make spicy dish out of it.

That's really creative of using leftover rotis!!! I would love to dig in now ;)

yummy idea :)

Lavanya said...

This looks good

Faseela said...

wow....great idea to use the left over rotis....yum

interesting idea

wow!! this is super cool

Unknown said...

nice idea..looks yummy...

nice way of using leftovers in making tempting dessert, loved it dear...

Unknown said...

very interesting and tempting dish...

meena said...

yummy idea

Anonymous said...

My sister`s mom in law also makes this and its delicious. She calls is chappathi laddoos! YUM!


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