Thandai - Mahashivratri Special

A very refreshing spicy and flavourful dryfruit milk.

Thandai is very popular drink and prepared as an offering to lord Shiva on the festival of Maha Shivratri. It is also prepared on the 2nd day of holi during playing with colors to create special mood. It is often mixed with Bhang to make it alcoholic drink. Almond and melon seeds gives it richness while pepper corn, fennel seeds and cardamom used to give it spiciness and special aroma. Rose petal and saffrons gives it unique color and flavors, altogether make Thandai a very unique and refreshing drink. Also very tasty and cooling one during hot summer days.
Soaking Time - 4-5 hours

Preparation Time : 20 mins                                                               Print Friendly and PDF

YIELD :5-6 servings


Almond 1/2 cup
Melon seeds - 2 tbsp
Poppy seeds - 2 tbsp
White Pepper corn - 1 tbsp (20-22 nos.)
Fennel seeds - 2 tbsp
Cardamom - 15 nos. (remove skin and use only seeds)
Rose Syrup - 1/2 cup (I used
Milk - 4 cups
Water as required (approx 4 cups) 
Few rose petals and saffron strands for garnishing. 


  1. Soak the almond for 2 hours. remove the skin and soak again for 2 more hours.
  2. Soak melon seeds, poppy seeds, pepper corn, fennel seeds cardamom seeds separately for 2 hours.
  3. Strain the water from all ingredients and add them all to mixer grinder. Grind it in a smooth paste. Add one cup of water while grinding to make a smooth paste.
  4. strain this paste in fine strainer. Press it with back of spoon to take out the paste as much as possible. use half cup of water while straining.
  5. Take out the left over again in mixer grinder and add half cup of water or more as required. Grind it again in smooth paste and repeat the straining process as above.
  6. You need to grind the paste 2 more time or until you get very little leftover ground mash. Throw out the leftover mash.
  7. After grinding and straining process we will get a thick but runny liquid. Store this liquid in a sterilized bottle and use it when needed. We can store it in fridge upto 2 weeks.
  8. While serving, add 2 tbsp of rose syrup, 1 cup of chilled milk and 1/4 cup of thandai or almond liquid. add more rose syrup if you like more sweet. or add more thandai if you wish to enjoy real spicy thandai flavour. Mix it well with stirrer.
  9. Garnish with rose petals, saffron strands and almond or pista slices.


  • Serve this drink always chilled.
  • If you dont have ready made rose syrup, just make simple sugar syrup( add 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water and boil until sugar dissolve.) and add it to thandai.
  • Poppy seeds are not availble in many countries as in my place too. To substitute it I used more almond and melon seeds 1-1 tbsp each.

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Divya A said...

That sounds so refreshing...yummm :)

Cool cool thandai for holi :-) YUM YUM !!!
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Unknown said...

Perfect for the right occassion..........cooool

Very healthy drink for the occasion

meena said...

refreshing drink.never tasted would luv to try it

Rekha said...

very healthy & refreshing drink...

Wat a healthy drink to enjoy after a fasting..

Unknown said...

i just love this drink dear..

divya said...

OMG.. mouth watering here.. Awesome clicks dear :)

Unknown said...

Lovely refreshing drink, looks superb

Perfect glass for today. Pl. Visit me too.

Swathi said...

Delicious thandai.

Refreshing drink! Looks colorful

Unknown said...

Dear..not able to visit ur blog by clicking above..maybe thats the reason missed to look at ur updates...

Unknown said...

wow! nice drink and thanks for sharing

sound refreshing.. looks great

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