Apple Celery Juice ~ Detoxifying Juice

Apple Celery Juice ~ Detoxifying Juice 

An explosion of health benefits occurs when apples and celery are combined. This is due to the immune system being heightened by an army of antioxidants that ignite stronger disease-fighting capabilities and cellular protection of body systems.

Celery has a balance of sodium and potassium that works to actually stimulate urine and help remove excess water and uric acid from the kidneys. If you are juicing to drop extra pounds, you can safely speed up the loss of water weight in a natural way by adding celery to your drinks.

Other Benefits of Celery Juice are: Fight Cancer, Weight Loss, Lower Cholestrol, Aids in Digestion, Anti Inflammatory, Lower blood Pressure, Insomnia, Elimination and prevention of stones. (Courtesy - NaturalNews & Livestrong)

 YIELD :1 glass


1 Apple
2 Stocks of Celery
A pinch of salt (optional)
a tsp of lemon juice (Optional)


  1. Blend chopped apple and celery in juice extractor. If Using blender, add 1/2 cup of water and blend it. Strain it in a glass.
  2. Add a pinch of salt lemon juice to enhance taste and stir in. (though without salt and lemon also it taste great and gives 100% health benefit.)
  3. Add ice cube to chill and serve fresh.


  • Add Carrot in this juice to get maximum health benefit.
  • Consume it fresh.
  • Apple and Celery both are in dirty  dozen foods list and high in pesticides. So try get it organic or clean it properly before using.

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Swathi said...

Delicious juice love the combo of apple and celery.

Delicious and healthy combination of Apple and celery.


delicious and yummy

Unknown said...

great drink for people who are on diet....real thirst quencher...

Omg, thats a super healthy combo, very interesting juice.

meena said...

never tried this combo,delicious juice

Such a colourful and tempting juice.

I always use leftover celery to make juice. Delicious.

divya said...

looks so delicious and mouthwatering.

great combo and lovely colour.

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