Lemonade Strawberry Popsicles ~ Summer Special Ice Fruit Pops

Frozen ice fruit pops made with strawberry and lemonade

Popsicle always remind me of my childhood and ICE GOLA in summer time and make me nostalgic. Back in my hometown almost everyday we used to buy Ice Gola in summer vacation. But here we don't find those same Gola's and I miss them so much. Though we get 'Kachang' but its not at all gives the same feeling and taste like gola. So just to make myself satisfied I make variety of fruits pops and one of them is Lemonade Strawberry Ice Popsicle. You too try them and cool yourself in hot summer noons.


YIELD :4 Popsicle


1cup of lemonade 

4 nos of strawberry


  1. Chop strawberry according to Popsicle mould size.
  2. Add lemonade in mould and in between add  chopped strawberry.
  3. Insert pop sticks and freeze for 4-6 hours until solid.
  4. Enjoy Strawberry lemonade pop in hot summer noon. 
Try  your favorite variety of fruits with just water or any juice and make Popsicle in summer to cool yourself.


meena said...

refreshing Popsicle perfect for hot weather.love u r mold design.

anjana said...

so lovely and refreshing popsicles..loved the idea of adding strawberry pieces inside it!

Delicious and mouthwatering pops.

divya said...

it looks very tempting and delicious.Inviting clicks.

Unknown said...

Wow.. mouthwatering

Very refreshing pops, lemonade and strawberry love this combo..

Shanthi said...

lovely pops..fantastic..

Todays recipe: http://www.7aumsuvai.com/2013/04/ashoka-halwa-300th-post-with-video.html

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