Pear And Red Grape Chill ~ Summer Drink

Refreshing Summer Drink with Pear and Red Grapes, to keep body cool.

Its hot summer outside and we need to hunt for some refreshing juices / drinks to keep chill. Its a real task to keep us hydrate  to beat this hot weather. This pear and red grape juice will be a perfect summer drink to keep us fresh and cool, also prevents sore throat. 
Fruits have anti-oxidants, Pears provides excellent source of water-soluble fiber.Red Grapes are rich in calcium and magnesium, so they help the nerves to work properly, and assist in enzymatic reactionsBoth these fruits provides  good source of fiber and rich in vitamin c, thus good for healthy diet .  Always pick fresh fruits to juice and consume immediately. 

Preparation  Time : 5 Minutes 

YIELD : 2 Medium Glasses


Pear - 3 cored, quarted
Red Seedless Grapes - 1 medium bowl
Sugar To Taste(optional)


  1. Juice the grapes and pear through the juice extractor. Stir to combine with water. Adjust the taste with sugar added.
  2. If using blender or mixie, juice the grapes and pear together. Discard pulp and extract the juice. Add some water and sugar to dilute.
  3. Serve the juice over two medium glass with ice cubes.( chill the glasses before serving)


Add a tbsp of lemon juice to add some sour refreshing taste, before serving.


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Unknown said...

Lovely drink

Super cooler !!!

anjana said...

Nice and refreshing drink..

Sona said...

healthy refreshing drink..

nice paired fruits..

Unknown said...

Very healthy and yummy juice. Refreshing also.

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very refreshing .. Perfect way to stay hydrated

Wow what a combination.

meena said...

WOw nice combo...lovely click

Lavanya said...

love the mild pastel shade of the cooler..yummy

Rekha said...

healthy combo and very refreshing...

Nice combination and its really cool and refreshing!

Nice combination, its really a cool and refreshing drink!

Julie said...

cool & refreshing!!

have tried so many combos.but never thought abt dis.sure vl try next time.

cool and refreshing drink for hot summer..

divya said...

looks very tempting. Irresistible.

Very refreshing and definitely an interesting summer drink.

Never tried anything with pear.Bookmarked.

Perfect for the season and truly a winning combo !

Unknown said...

wow yummmy drink,love the combo...sure it tastes gr8!

Swathi said...

Delicious drink very refereshing.

Roshni said...

love the presentation

Shobha said...

Perfect summer drink..

Janani said...

just made this juice this morning wow what a coincident.

Unknown said...


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