Russian Salad Bread Cups | How To Make Crispy Bread Cups - Step By Step Pictures

A Crispy Bread Cups filled with creamy Russian Salad.

A sumptuous bread delight!! Here the bread is converted into a crisp snack with little effort. Fill them with your favorite savory or cheesy filling and serve it as a starter or appetizer. Or simple fill them with fruits and ice cream, or melted chocolate, or fruity mousse and serve as a dessert. Go creative as much you can to fill them up and make your loved ones happy. Here I made Russian salad bread cups. Check out below how to make crispy bread cups.

Preparation & Cooking Time : 45 mins

YIELD :15 cups


White Bread - 15 slices
Butter -  1/4 cup
Russian Salad - 1 recipe (Check recipe here)
Or use your favorite filling


1.Remove Crust from all bread slices.

2.Roll out all bread slices using rolling pin.

3.Apply melted butter on both sides of bread.

4.Carefully press into the cavities of muffin mould or tray.

5.Bake in a preheated oven at 200°c (400°f) for 10 minutes or until crisp.

6.Now crispy bread cups are ready to enjoy with favorite savory or cheesy filling and serve it as a starter or appetizer. . Fill them just before serving else they may become soggy after some time because of wet filling. 

7. Here I filled them with creamy and cold Russian Salad. Check recipe of Russian salad here.

8. That's it. A tasty and healthy salad come snack is ready to taste.



  • Enjoy filling of your choice or  kids suggestion, engage them in helping to fill with their favorite chocolate or mousse or fresh fruits or simply some bhel puri mix.....
  • Store the bread cups in a air tight container for longer use.
  • Once you stuff the bread cups, serve it immediately to enjoy the cripsy crust, otherwise it tends to become soggy.

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Akila said...

Wow such a lovely bread cups...

wow lovely bread cups... so delicious...

such a tempting and inviting recipe

Omg, such a beautiful bread cups, that creamy russian salad is just out of the world.

divya said...

Looks yummy n tempting:)n nice clicks.

such a filling and delicious salad bread it!

Love these cute cups

Shanthi said...

very interesting recipe..simple to go...

Looks so interesting and delicious..

very inviting recipe...

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