Garlic Chilli Cheese Bread Rolls | How To Make Easy Bread Rolls | Easy Kids Recipe

Bread rolls with strong garlic and melting cheese with a dash of chilli flakes is really an appitizing snack. This is one of the most easiest and quickest evening snack, also a perfect party food. This can be a healthy delight as it is not deep fried. I make this very often to my daughter as she is fond of cheese and bread.

Cheese has high source of calcium content compare to any other dairy products and its an ideal food for growing kids. I make many kind of bread recipes, but I personally found this one to be the most favorite with her, as the melting cheese inside the hot bread rolls makes it taste heavenly. Just love to have it with tomato sauce.

Preparation & Cooking Time : 15 Minutes

YIELD :5 Rolls


Bread Slices - 5 no.
Red Chilli Flakes for topping
Garlic - 4 cloves (crushed)
Cheese Slices - 5 no.
Butter for frying the rolls
Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves, for garnish
Salt To Taste


  1. Trims the bread slice edges.  Roll it to thin slices as much as you can. 
  2. Place cheese slice (one per bread slice). 
  3. Throw in the crushed garlic on top of each slice. Sprinkle some chilli flakes and salt.
  4. Finally dash in the coriander leaves.
  5. Now gently roll from one end and finish up by sealing the edges.(use water)
  6. Slightly brush the rolls on each side with melted butter.
  7. Heat the griddle, spray / grease some butter and place the rolls 2 to 3 at a time. Fry all sides golden with even turn ups.
  8. Serve this tasty crispy bread rolls with tomato sauce.


For variation try with paneer bhurji and other vegetables like potato, cabbage to enjoy the roll-ups.

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so yummy and cheesy.. Love it

so cheesy...

meenab said...

wow what a timely post
i hv a small kid at home and i kept thinking what to give her as snack for variety this is good one eh

Cheese snacks...

Neela said...

Bread rolls look awesome.

anjana said...

loved these cheesy rolls.very tempting!

Unknown said...

perfect snack for kids :)

Indrani said...

Really quick and awesome bread roll...even I'm drooling, I'm sure my daughter will love it too

loved these bread cheesy rolls, yummy and inviting.

today's post:

These look so tasty!

lovely snack and beautiful clicks:)

my american kids cant stand chili, so will make it without it. looks so great, with adding more stuffing, it goes well with grown ups too. temmpting clicks

That sounds easy and yummy...

very yummy rolls dear... love it...

Classic :) looks sooooo yummyyyy.....Please pass some to me :)

Divya A said...

Cheesy and yummy rolls I like all variations with bread!!! :) Nice clicks too..

Perfectly made bread rolls.. Looks easy to make and yummy.. :)

Ohh Tempting Tempting Yumm Yumm

Akila said...

Looking very tempting... Will try soon for my kids

Akila said...

Yummy bread rolls... Will try for my kids

Delicious bread rolls.

Suhaina said...

Looks yumm.

Nice kids friendly snack

Hema said...

Wow, so cheesy and tempting..

Wow, this looks like a to die for recipe! So simple & tempting!

Wow! tempting and inviting..

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