Homemade Curd | How to set fresh Indian Dahi / Thayir / Yogurt at home easily

Preparing homemade curd / yogurt is quite a simple task. All you need is knowing rite way to set ,  more importantly as thick as possible . The fresh homemade yogurt is tasty and less tart than store bought one. It is much economical and affordable when planing to set  regularly at home. The tbsp of set yogurt can be reserved as a starter for next time use.

Preparation & Setting Time :8 - 10 hours

YIELD : 2 Cups


Fresh Milk - 2  cups /400ml (also use whole cow / buffalo milk)
Yogurt Starter(with live culture) - 1 tbsp (to set)

* Buy fresh and unflavoured natural yogurt  from frozen section for starter curd.


1.Bring the milk to boiling point in a saucepan or warm up till 180 F. Transfer to bowl in which you need to set the curd. It speeds up the milk to cool.

2.Allow the milk to cool to 100 F or warm stage (insert a clean finger tip, if you can sustain for 10 - 15 seconds, its in right temp).

3.Stir in the starter and mix gently. The thickness and tightness of the yogurt depends on the even stirring.Cover the vessel with a lid or cling wrap. Place it in a warm place to inculcate the setting process. Or even wrap around the bowl using kitchen towel. It usually takes 6-8 hours, but during cold weather it prolongs upto 10 -12 hours.

4.Enjoy the fresh curd as such or refrigerate it to avoid getting sour (also helps to tighten the curd).  Also if you want to keep it fresh without much sour for a week, place water at the brim / bottom of the vessel .

5. For Quik fix Recipe with yogurt and we recommend to try this simple and tasty dessert Mixed Fruit Raita


  • The stainless steel vessel / ceramic pot always work good to set yogurt faster. Also can use any glass ware or casserole dish. When you set curd in earthenpot it results extremely delicious thick curd.
  • Also suggest to transfer the milk(with starter) to bowl to bowl twice or  thrice to set thick curd.
  • To make your curd set much faster place a dried chilli with stem while you set. I swear it helps to make yogurt much faster and doesn't incorporate the chilli flavour. Discard the chilli once set completely.
  • The milk should be warm (but not luke warm) enough to get good thick curd. At any cause do not add  water to milk as it leads to semi solid state and taste wise poor.
  • For 2 cups (400 ml) milk , a tbsp of starter is sufficient.
  • If you wish to set using milk powder, use 4-5 tbsp of powder dissolve in 2 cups of water, warm up in microwave , follow remaining procedure same as above steps in "method".

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