Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce | Cheddar Cheese Dip

Cheese sauce is all time favorite dip with kids. You can serve this creamy sauce with almost  anything you like starting from nachos, chips, fries, steamed or baked veggies or any finger food. It can also be used in Mexican or Italian cooking like pasta or nachos/tacos. Add different flavors by adding Cayenne, pepper powder, garlic powder and customized texture by adding/mixing different cheese in it. Try this EzRecipe to learn how to make homemade Cheese Sauce.

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Aval Paal Payasam | Aval Payasam Recipe

The simple yet delectable payasam made with Aval/ Poha. Aval payasam is generally made for Krishna Jayanthi (Gokulastami). Aval, Butter, Seedai are suppose to be Lord Krsihna's favorite. Thats why Indian Homes are engaged with preparing his favorite food during Janmashtami day.
Making of aval payasam is  very easy and similar like Paal Payasam. Plan to make for any occasion, use red or white aval as per preference. Add more nuts and condensed milk at the final stage to make ever slurping dessert.

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Homemade Cheese Crackers ~ How to make Ez Cheese Crackers

These homemade little cheese crackers are deliciously crunchy and packed with a excellent flavor of cheddar cheese. They are easily made with few simple Ingredients.  My son is now a die hard fan of Homemade cheese crackers and asking me to make it every other day. Scroll down to learn easy homemade cheese crackers.

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Gokulashtami Recipes | Janmashtami recipes | Krishna Jayanthi Recipes | Ezcookbook

May Lord Krishna's flute invite the melody of love into your life.
May Radhaji's love teach not only how 2 love but 2 love eternally!
Happy Janmashtami

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Dry Garlic(Lahsun) Chutney | Vada Pav Red Chutney ~ Teekha Chutney Powder

A Traditional Maharastrian Tikha(Spicy) Chutney

Dry  Garlic Chutney is also very famous as Vada Pav Chutney or Teekha chutney powder. It is a popular Maharastrian recipe and usually served with vada pav or samosa pav. Coconut gives a nutty crunchy flavor and dry chili makes it super spicy to wake you up.

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Low Fat Healthy Chivda | Guilt Free Indian Cocktail Mixture

Chivda/ Mixture is a famous Indian Snack.It is basically made with 5 or more variety of snacks and tossed together to get the mixture. In short one can call it as Indian Cocktail Mixture. I used peanuts, cornflakes, channa dal, puffed rice, sev / omapodi, poha. You can plus minus ingredients according to your taste and availability.

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Hariyali Aloo | Grilled Potato in Amarnathus Gravy

Tangy Grilled Potato served with Green Amarnathus Gravy

Hariyali Aloo, a very good combination of tangy chatpata grilled potatoes served with healthy green amarnathus leaves gravy. It can be served as a starter if u want more potatoes or serve as a main dish along with roti/rice if you would like to have more green gravy. Check it out recipe to know how to make Hariyali Aloo.

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Rava Kesari | Sooji Ka Halwa | How to make Rawa kesari

Happy Independence day !!

Today we wish to share one of the most popular and easy to make Indian sweet - Rava Kesari.
Every year we try to post some unique recipe that symbolize our National Flag Colors. This year we would like to post sweet with tri colors.

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Aratikaya Vepudu | Plantain Fry - EzCookBook

I'm an ardent lover of plantain, even my daughter too. If I can afford to cook everyday, never mind we will enjoy eating it. This plantain fry is one of the most favourite vepudu, which I use to make once in every week. Love the crispy and appetizing color of the plantain. This goes well with rice, pappu and rasam.  We generally use to have with hot rice and Dosakaya Pappu. An easy and tasty fry that takes only 15 minutes to prepare, so even bachelors can give a try. The same procedure can be followed to make potato fry, cabbage fry, beans fry.

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Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste | How to make Ginger Garlic Paste ~ Cooking Essentials - DIY


I know making a ginger garlic paste is not a big deal as everyone know it just need a churn in blender. But here I mentioned few tips for peeling off garlic, how to store it for longer time fresh and how to avoid color change of the paste.

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Low Fat Sakarpara | Sweet Little Heart Cookies | How to make Baked Sakkarpara

A Popular Indian Sweet Crispy Snack - Sweet Baked Cookies  

Sakarpara is very popular snack in Indian specially in Gujarat and Maharastra. Normally It is prepared in festivals like Diwali, Holi etc. Mostly people fry the diamond pieces of sweet dough to make sakarpara. But to make it more exciting for my little one I gave them heart shape and for my hubby who prefers everything law fat so instead of frying I baked them in oven. It was a hit trick and they finished them all in next hour..check out the recipe for how to make heart shape baked Sakarpara below.

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Chilli Bread Fry

Looking for some bread treats, then you are here. This recipe is really an exquisite, mouth appealing treat  for all bread lovers. Bread cubes are tossed with finely spiced veggie sauce, serve with some hot piping soup. This food is perfect menu for kids lunch box and sometimes can be made with leftover bread loafs. Believe me you no need to fry bread, and again that's a low calorie recipe to please your tummy.

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Nutella Cornflakes In Mini Cups / No Bake Cornflakes Cookies ~ Kids Friendly Recipe

Do you believe that these cute cookie cup are really hit with my lil one. She loves it and even helped me with her little hands. Yes this is a kids friendly recipe, so engage your lil ones to assist you to make the recipe. All you need to prepare this easy dessert in just 4 ingredients - corn flakes,butter, honey, nutella. And it takes only 10 - 15 minutes to get done.

A perfect party dessert I can suggest. It was a hit to my daughter's class party at school. Who don't love to eat chocolate dessert, that too with crispy cornflakes. You can simply substitute nutella with any dark chocolate or coco powder as desire. It was actually in my long way to do in list. Everything makes sense when time occurs. Finally I made it.

Preparation & Cooking Time :15 Minutes

Setting Time : 30 Minutes

YIELD : 16 - 18 Cup Cakes


Cornflakes - 1 cup
Honey - 1-2 tbsp(optional)
Nutella(hazelnut choco spread) - 6 tbsp
Unsalted Butter - 3.5 tbsp

* Substitute chocolate or choco powder for Nutella, if you don't have in hand.
* Aslo try half chocolate and half nutella combination.


1.Melt the butter in microwave safe bowl for 10 secs or in a sauce pan using stove top. Mix nutella and honey with butter.

2.Measure about 1 cup of corn flakes (use kellogg's or nestle). Add this to the nutella mix. Stir gently to combine well and don't break the corn flakes.

3.Spoon the mixture in a mini cups. Arrange in a tray, allow it to set in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Serve chilled as a dessert. Perfect for party time, especially Kids birthday!!
I added few edible cake sprinkles to garnish before serving.


For variation, try with some dry fruits and nuts, while spooning the mixture.
Also try with chocolate instead of nutella with sugar or golden syrup.

                                                               Wanna try this?

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