Pumpkin Seeds Burfi - Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe

Diwali is nearing, festival sweets and savories preparation are in full swing at home. Hope you too busy with the same. Today I want to share  the most easiest and tastiest Burfi made with pumpkin seeds. Yes it is popularly made at our home and the recipe is carried through generations.  Amma and MIL use to make burfi regularly for all occasions.

Burfi is made using cucumber or pumpkin seeds, as per the availability. Both the version tastes equally good. The whole process of making burfi will be under 30 minutes. Always use the fresh and best quality seeds to make burfi. The mild green color will be achieved at the end result and its absolutely natural color of the ground seeds(no artificial food color added). Try this new variety of burfi for a change this time for Diwali.

Preparation & Cooking Time : under 30 minutes

Yield :10-12 burfi


Unsalted Pumpkin  Seeds - 1/2 cup
Water - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 2 tbsp


Roast the pumpkin seeds until crisp and aromatic. Cool and grind to smooth powder. 

Heat a non stick fry pan. Add in sugar and water. Stir constantly until syrup turns frothy and sticky consistency. At this stage reduce the flame to low and add the powdered seeds. Combine well without forming any lumps. 

Stir continuously and when the mixture thicken watch carefully. Add ghee and mix well. When the mixture starts frothy and leaves of the pan. Switch off the stove. 

Pour the mixture in a greased tray, sprinkle some roasted seeds on top and let it cool completely. Cut into pieces once reach warm temperature. (Wait for some more time if you are unable to cut the burfi to cool).

Serve or pack this delicious Diwali treats to you friends and relatives.


  • Grind the seeds coarse or powder, make sure you use best quality seeds.
  • Do not let the mixture cook for a longer time once it reaches non sticky consistency, it might result burfi hard to bite.
  • For variation try the same recipe using cucumber seeds, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios.

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