Falooda - A Royal Summer Delight


Falooda / Faluda is belongs to Persian Cuisine and famous in all over asia as a traditional Indian/Pakistani dessert drink. It is refreshing and cooling summer delight which is very creamy and rich in taste. The combination of unique ingredients makes it so royal and heavenly that everyone will fall in love with this delicious dessert. Scroll down and check it out the recipe for how to make Falooda.

Cooking & Preparation Time : 30 minutes + 10 minutes

Yield : 4 serving


Strawberry Jelly - 4-5 tbsp (small pieces) (Check notes below to make jelly)Cooked
Subja/Basil/Tukmari seeds - 4 tbsp
Falooda Sev/Vermicelli - 2 cups (see notes below for more info)
Rose Syrup - 5-6 tbsp
Sugar - 3-4 tbsp (adjust as per your taste)
Milk - 4 cup
Vanilla Ice Cream - 4 scoop (or substitute with Dry fruit Kulfi)
Mixed dry fruit - 4 tbsp, chopped (cashew, pista, almond)

For Strawberry Jelly:
Water - 1/2 ltr
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Strawberry syrup - 4 tbsp
Agar Agar Powder (China Grass) - 1/2 tbsp


  1. To make Strawberry jelly heat water with sugar. Add strawberry syrup, agar agar(China grass) powder in it. Keep stirring the mixture until everything dissolve. Once mixture start to boil, its done. Remove and  pour it in the mould. Let it cool for 10 minutes. Keep it in refrigerator to set for 30 minutes. When done cut it in small pieces. Keep aside.
  2. Soak Subja seeds in enough water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it will swell up and creates a gel like layer around the black seeds. Once done drain extra water. Refrigerate it and use when required.
  3. Cook Falooda sev as per packet instruction. Add falooda sev in a pan of boiling water, cook for 4-5 minutes or until soft. Drain it and rinse with tap water immediately. Keep aside.
  4. Boil milk in a pan. Add rose syrup and sugar in it. Simmer it for 5-7 minutes. Keep stirring. Once done let it cool down completely. Refrigerate for chilling.
  5. Chop dry fruits and keep it aside.
  6. Now everything is ready. We need to assemble the dessert in tall glass to make different layers with each ingredients just before serving.  All ingredients (Subja, Falooda, Jelly, Rose Milk, Ice cream) need to be divided in equal parts for each serving depending upon the size of your serving glass. I used 4 tall glasses.
  8. Take a tall serving glass and add 2 tbsp. on falooda sev in it. Pour half cup of rose milk over it.
  9. Add 1 tbsp. of Subja seeds on it. Add jelly over it. Now spray over some rose syrup over it.
  10. Now add a scoop of ice cream on it and pour remaining half cup of rose milk over it.
  11. Garnish with chopped nut and 1or 2 pieces of jelly on it.
  12. Repeat 8-11 steps for all serving.
  13. Delicious cool cool falooda is ready to serve.


  • Falooda sev is normally made with sago starch or corn starch and its available in Indian grocery shop. If you can not find it can be substitute with rice vermicelli.
  • You can substitute vanilla ice cream with Indian kulfi which enhance the taste and flavour of falooda.
  • You can also add fruits like mango, strawberry or kiwi to make your dessert royal.
  • You can prepare falooda sev, jelly and subja seeds a day before. All these three items can be easily stored in refrigerator for 1 day. It is quick to assmeble before serving.
  • For variation, instead of rose you can make kesar pista falooda,  mango falooda, malai falooda.

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