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Planning for a weekend lunch is quite interesting, also helps in fuss-free cooking. This simple vegetarian lunch is pretty common at my home during weekends. Though we try many exotic recipes outside and even at home, nothing can match a typical home style food. As we all got use to such fresh and tasty home food everytime and also it provides a family re-union during meal time. Every body is busy with their own schedules but having a meal together brings an oppurtunity for a memorable time with your kids.

Preparation & Cooking Time : 60 minutes
Yield :4 servings

Procedure :

The meal  consist of rice, pappu saaru(rasam), Kalchina Vankaya Koora(Roasted Brinjal Tomato Curry), Aratikaya Vepudu(Plaintain Fry) and with homecurd curd. This is simple and very healthy meal that is sufficient for a family of 2-4 persons. The recipes are typical home style especially with Andhra Touch. In addition you can include some Pachadi and Vadiyaal.

First cook rice, wash two cups of rice in tap water. Add 6 cups of water to it. The ratio is 1:3 or 1:2 for those who prefer the rice to be little grainy.  Either pressure cook for 3 sounds and simmer for 5 minutes before turn off the fire. Or cook the rice in an open pot with sufficient water. You can fill water till the brim of the pot and cook the rice until done soft and mushy. Remove from stove and drain the excess water called starch. If you have rice cooker follow the pressure cooker procedure mentioned above.

For Vepudu/Fry:Chop the aratikaya(green plantain) to thin circles and again cut into four quarters. Cutting the vegetables in even size helps to cook evenly with crisp. Check the further process for aratikaya vepudu recipe.

For Koora/Curry:Roast the big brinjal/eggplant that is dark purple in color with oil applied in the direct flame. This will give smoky taste to the brinjal and fasten the cooking process. Cool and peel the smoked skin. Chop or mash the brinjals. Check the further process for vankaya koora recipe.

For Rasam:Soak the thoor daal(red lentil)  for few minutes. Pressure cook until soft and mushy with turmeric, gingelly oil and asafeotida. Chop tomatoes, crush garlic and soak tamarind in warm water. Check the further process for rasam recipe.

For curd:Boil milk and set for curd previous day. Or buy the ready to use curd if you donot have time to make at home. Check the further process for curd recipe.

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