Quick Vegetable Soup - Healthy Kids after School Snack Recipe

Vegetable soup - a quick version of soup that I always prefer to make whenever my kid loves or wants to have soup. I put together all her favorite veggies and boil with water + milk, season some S&P. Also I prefer to serve with slice of butter toasted bread along with soup to make a complete nutritious and tasty after school snack. In-spite of giving rice or roti again as a meal, I believe this would be a refreshing food and she gulps couple of bowl without saying no. Not only for kids even soup with loaf of bread can play a good role for early dinner to grown ups. Try this simple version of veg soup and let me know your feedback....

Preparation & Cooking Time : 20 minutes

Yield :serves 2 - 4


Olive oil / Butter - 1 tbsp
Garlic – 4 cloves, finely chopped
Spring onion white – ¼ cup, chopped
Mixed Vegetables – 1 cup, finely chopped
(French beans, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, Peas)
Water – 3 cups
Warm Milk - 1 cup
Corn Flour – 1.5 tbsp
Salt and Ground Pepper to taste
Spring Onion green – ½ cup, for garnish


  1. Heat oil or butter in a sauce pan, saute garlic till light brown. Add spring onion white and saute well.
  2. Add the chopped vegetables and little salt to cook faster. Allow it to cook until soft.
  3. Pour in the water and allow it to boil.
  4. Mix corn flour with ¼ cup milk without lumps.
  5. Pout in to the boiling soup. Along with pour remaining milk. Cook the soup until thickens.
  6. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Garnish with spring onion green before serving. 



  • You can use any vegetables as per your kids taste and likes. I finely chopped all vegetables to get cook fast, so follow the same.
  • Depending upon the thickness of the soup, increase or decrease adding corn flour. 
  • Adding milk gives calcium, especially good to kids those who avoids drinking milk. Please do not omit it.
  • Toast a piece of bread with butter to serve along with soup. Best to serve after school.


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so comforting soup.. perfect for diet

Unknown said...

Nice.. Warming soup

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