Ice Cream N Cookie Shake

The ice cream turns this shake into an occasional treat rather than an everyday drink. The calcium plus other nutrients that are packed with milk, help to raise its healthy credentials and keep junior hunger pangs at bay until teatime. Place this scrumptious delight in front of your kids and watch how they gulp at once.
Ice Cream N Cookie Shake
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

YIELD -1 serving


Chocolate Cookies-2
Oats Cookies-2
Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream-2 Scoops
Milk- 150 ml
Sugar-1 tbsp

For Topping:
Chocolate -1 
Assorted Nuts- 1tbsp
Sundae Ice Cream-1 Scoop


  1. Put  the chocolate and oats cookies in a liquidizer to crush briefly.
  2. Place two scoops of  vanilla ice cream, sugar, milk and blend briefly until the mixture is smooth but the ice cream hasn't completely melted.
  3. In a large glass place crushed cookie and pour in the shake.
  4. Place a scoop of sundae, assorted nuts and chocolate as topping.
  5. Serve with straw and long spoon. 


Place two to three pieces of banana, which provides instant energy and make filling too.


Amolika said...

Hi dear,

we hv to bleand the cookies as well with ice cream and milk???

Unknown said...

Yes dear Amolika you need to blend cookies first before adding milk n ice cream. At the final before serving use few crushed cookies for topping..

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