Raw Mango Peanut Chutney

Discover how to make this simple and healthy chutney within fraction of seconds, if you are ready with these below ingredients. Give giggling
taste for your food sense.

Raw Mango Peanut Chutney

YIELD – 1cup


Raw mango-1/2 cup grated
Coconut-1/3 cup grated
Peanuts- 2tbsp roasted
Coriander Leaves- 4 springs(optional)
Green Chilli-3-4
Ginger- 1tbsp chopped
Sugar a Pinch
Salt To Taste
Oil for seasoning(Mustard, Split Urad Dhal, Broken Red Chilli)


  1. Combine all the ingredients and grind to coarse chutney using mixer or blender.
  2. Season the chutney and serve as a accompaniments with any of your Breakfast and Snacks.


For variation you can replace peanut with dhalia / roasted gram dhal.

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