Drumstick Leaf Powder - Murungai Ellai Podi

Preparing spice powders using with many available ingredients is common. Today I explained you about the procedure to prepare drumstick leaf powder. Drumstick leaves is popularly known as Murungai Ellai(tamil). Drumstick (Moringa) leaves are very good source of Iron, calcium, vitamins which promotes strong and healthy growth of bones for growing kids. This is essential food for lactating mother when served with ghee helps increase breast milk and also helps to reduce post -delivery complication. Prepare and intake many variety of dish with drumstick leaves to lead healthy life.

Drumstick Leaf Powder - Moringa Podi

YIELD –1 cup


Drumstick Leaves-2cup
Urad Dhal-2tbsp
Chenna Dhal-1tsp(optional)
Dried Red Chilli-4-5no.
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Salt To Taste


  1. Clean, Wash and pat dry the drumstick leaves in a thick cotton towel(Should dry completely).
  2. Heat a fry pan, dry roast urad dhal, red chilli, cumin seeds till aromatic. Cool and make coarse powder with required salt and asefoetida using mixie or spice blender.
  3. In the same pan dry roast the leaves to remove the remaining moisture and to make it crisp.
  4. Now blend this crispy fried leaves along with the ground dhal powder again to smooth powder.
  5. Cool and transfer to the air tight container. This will be good for months.
  6. Serve with Idly, dosa, mix with rice, dollop of gingelly oil / ghee.
  7. Serve a tbsp of powder everyday for growing kids along rice / dosa / Idly or with any main course once a day. This will greatly helps in stronger bone formation.
Drumstick Leaf Powder - Moringa Podi


If you grind powder with moisture still in the leaves, then powder the will spoil soon.You can even rub the leaves very mildly with towel to remove excess water in it.
Serve this powder along with few garlic pods fried in ghee with rice, this will helps to increase milk secretion for lactating mother .
You can even use this as spice masala for making subji or curry.

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Very healthy n delicious powder..love this recipe dear!

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such a healthy podi...

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love this vitA healthy green powder!

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Never heard about drumstick leaf podi..must be delicious ..new recipe to learn..

never had this, very unique and healthy powder, excellent for kids :)

very flavorful powder

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Vit A rich podi:)

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