Kache Kele Ki Sabji ~ Fasting Recipe

Kache Kele Ki Sabji
Kache Kele Ki Sabji is very popular among Northern part of Indian. During shravan and navratri period they make different types of vrat recipes. This is one among of the recipes. As   we said every monday we will be posting some fasting recipes for this whole shravan month to benefit  you with new recipes. This dish will be sour and spicy in taste. Learn how to make this quick and simple Plantain recipe by following this easy steps.
 YIELD – 3 Servings


Raw Banana / Plantain -2no.
Green Chilli-2 finely chopped
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Turmeric Powder-1/2tsp
Arrow Root Powder-1/2tsp
Lemon Juice -1tsp
Salt To Taste
Water to boil Banana


  1. Wash, peel and cut into small cubes of banana. Soak the banana pieces in the water to avoid discoloration.
  2. Bring sufficient amount of water to boil in a deep bottomed pan, add turmeric powder and banana. Cook till tender but not mushy. Drain out and cool it.
  3. Mix curd, salt and little turmeric with the banana pieces.
  4. Heat a Kadai with enough oil, add cumin seeds, curry leaves. Once it starts to splutter add chopped green chilli and saute.
  5. Add  the  banana with curd mixture to the pan and pour 1/4 cup of water. Reduce the  flame and cook covered for 5 minutes.
  6. Finally add the arrow root powder and mix well(this will help to thicken the subji). Turn off the fire.
  7. Now pour a teaspoon of lemon juice and add chopped coriander leaves.
  8. Mix well and serve hot with Ragjara Paratha or kotu ka paratha.
Kache Kele Ki Sabji 


Arrow root powder is a white starch powder will help to thicken sauces or gravy similar like corn starch. This gives high gloss texture to the gravy and easily digestable.
If you wish use red chilli powder to make your dish appear reddish color . Here I tried only with green chilli and yellowish color due to turmeric powder.

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New to me..Looks fabulous.Thoughtful post !

That's a new one... Love it...

Divya A said...

Wow color looks so pleasing and simple yet delicious recipe :)
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anjana said...

Nice and delicious..I also make the same way:)

Tes said...

I love cooked banana. This looks so comforting :)

nice combo with paratha!apt dish for fasting..

Julie said...
Kavitha said...

sabzi looks delicious :)

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