12 Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes (Indian) - Tiffin Recipes Under 30 minutes

Here we have listed some of the easy and quick to make south Indian style breakfast or tiffin recipes. Also it can be a better option for weeknights dinner. All these recipes will take under 30 minutes to get done. Trust me any of these recipe doesn't call for any pre-preparation process.  As time is a crucial factor for everyone to thing prior ahead and plan for cooking. And this is what most of the working women wanting for ? They look forward to recipes that takes no much of their precious time but preferably homemade rather then takeaway foods. More over everyone loves to cook fuss free recipes  under less time.

I had received many request from mothers to suggest for some quick to make recipes, as they are bored with regular tiffin varieties and are even being criticized by hus and kids for same idli, dosa, chappati, appam, poori and pongal.
All the recipes given here are unique from regular South Indian breakfast recipes. Serve it with chutney and sambar of your choice or simply with podi too. Hoping that these handful of recipe ideas avail you the best in the everyday cooking.

Preparation &Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Click on each recipe image to get the detailed procedure:
Preparing recipe for breakfast is really a daunting task for me and I guess many of you struggle with the same problem in your everyday routine. Don't worry today I come up with  quick and instant Dosa kind of recipe but totally different preparation from regular batter. Its completely made with vermicelli and I added curd for instant sourness with green chilli for spiciness. So don't you feel it sounds so simple with very basic ingredients readily at home and still waiting for what? Try out immediately and send us your experience. This can be prepared for dinner too.        

Poha is always a handy ingredient in my kitchen, as it makes delicious meal instantly and it blends well with any combination. I personally finds it to be an easy option for making tiffin recipes. Usually we all have tried mango rice, but never thought of with Aval/ Poha  rite. Infact this upma is much more easiest choice that takes less than 15 minutes. I'm  sure that this maanga aval would defiintely going to be hit at home. 

Recipe #3 : Rava Idli
A quick and delicious breakfast made in all south Indian homes is  Rava Idli. This is instant and also tasty with sambar and chutney. However traditional Idli would take two days of preparation process, this rava idli is quick and easier. This breakfast recipe is very popular and origin from karnataka(Udupi cuisine) state of India. This is very famous now in allover part of India and everyone likes to try other cuisines popular recipes. 

Recipe #4 :Bread Paniyaram
If you want to prepare a dish in a jiffy with less effort then try out the same way I did with bread. Believe me this will be tasting very crispy. If you got so much bread loaf sitting Idle in the table and got bored with sandwich then work out with either Paniyaram or Pancake both are tasting same and excellent. Discover the procedure for making this yummy paniyaram and bookmark it in you PC to make some Instant recipe for Dinner at times.

Recipe #5 : Oats Dosa
Making a healthy breakfast yet delicious is a great treat for tastbuds. Including oats in your diet is added advantage for healthy eating. This instant version of oats dosa makes you fall crave for it every time you make. For people who got boredom of eating regular oats porridge can alternate your menu to the tastiest oats dosa. The more crispiest and more tasty with or without the addition of yogurt. Dosa tastes perfect with mint chutney or even with some spicy chutney.
Mix all the dry ingredients and store in a air-tight container, mix water and other wet ingredients just before you need to prepare dosa. This greatly helps in time management ans useful tip for working people.

Broken wheat rava also known as samba godhumai rava  is a very healthy choice for a light breakfast or meal. Generally if something is made of a healthy ingredient doesn't attract many people but this broken wheat idli will definitely make your breakfast or dinner a sumptuous one. Serve it with sambar or chutney of your choice and love the taste. Making is also so easy and quick so that you will love making it often.

Recipe #7 : Kudumullu
Kudumulu also referred as Undrallu(steamed rice dumpling). Its a famous delicacy from AndhraPradesh (southern part of India). This is a healthy breakfast recipe. An excellent steam cooked food with very mild flavor and taste which goes well with any spicy chutney or pickle. This Kudumulu is a savory version rice balls with combination of rice and chena dal. Very simple and delicious recipe that can be made faster with good source of carbohydrate and protein. A Perfect food for kids.

Recipe #8 : Sambha Rava Adai
Sambha  Wheat / Godhumai Rava is enriched with full of fibers and proteins. Its a perfect ingredient that can be used for all age group. This wheat rava can be used to prepare many dishes due to its health benefits. We thought of sharing with some of the recipes which we use to prepare regularly at home to avail  you the best ideas.

Recipe #9 : Dosa Toast
I got some Dosa batter but bored with same old recipes, so I thought of preparing some quick snack with bread using this leftover batter and that's how I tried this instant Dosa Toast and my tummy started smiling with yum yum…..try this for dinner. If you got either less batter or more bread leftover can etilize this procedure to finish it..... This is such a tasty and jiffy to make snack with less ingredients.


One of the easiest and tasty breakfast I often use to make is Oats Undrallu. I even thought of posting this recipe earlier, but couldn't get pictures. This time I made it and captured without fail. I should point out here, this is one such simple savory dumpling  for those who are seeking healthy eats. It just takes only 15 minutes of your precious time to get done. A quick filling dumpling that can easily go in kids snacks box.


I always love to make dinner faster and quicker so that I can spend some leisure time with my family. My daughter and me loves dosa a lot. Never mind of any variety of it, but this instant version of dosa is really a super hit with  all my family members. Every time I make this dosa comes out well with crispy and tasty, for this I should thank my Ammama(grandma) because she only taught me this dosa recipe.


Recipe #12 : Vermicelli Pulao
Vermicelli pulao loaded with goodness of rainbow of vegetables that are palateable. Easy and quick to make under 30 minutes. Perfect tiffin to pack for kids lunch box with fruits.

Hope all these simple recipes can make your cooking more interesting and easy now onwards. Feedbacks are welcome and share your ideas with us.

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