Oreo Cake Pops ~ Kids Party Snack

Are you a OREO lover?? Me too :) yes everyone just love to munch Oreo anytime!!! And when its mixed with cake crumbs and beautifully transformed in a cake pops no one can resist it!! Try this easy to make Oreo Cake Pops in any party to make your guests happy!! Kids will just jump on to grab as many as they can :-D

Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Yield : 10-12 cake pops


Vanilla sponge cake crumbs - 2 cup (Check out recipe here)
Oreo Biscuit - 6 nos.
Chocolate ganache - 1 cup - Use as required (Check out recipe here)
colourful sugar candy - 2 tbsp.
Lollipop sticks- 12 nos (I used eatable chocolate biscuit sticks)


  1. Open and seperate the cream from Oreo biscuit. keep it aside.
  2. Add pieces of leftover cake and Oreo biscuit in grinder. churn them together and make coarse powder.
  3. Take it out in mixing bowl, add buiscuit cream in it. mix it together. Add 1 tbsp. of Ganache to make the mixture in binding dough. mix it well.
  4. Take one 1tbsp of mixture and make a smooth ball out of it. Prepare all balls same way and keep it in a plate.
  5. Insert lollipop sticks into each balls.
  6. Take a bowl of pourable liquid consistency of chocolate ganache. Dip one cake pop in ganache and rotate inside properly to cover cake pop with ganache evenly.
  7. Lift it from ganache and hold in up onto the bowl so that all excess ganache will drip inside the bowl. Hold it for few seconds or until it stops dripping.
  8. Now dip the top part of cake pop in colourful sugar candy to cover it up with them.
  9. Now cake pop is ready. insert it in thermocol plate or cup. Prepare all cake pops same way.
  10. Keep them in refrigerator for 1-2 hours to set ganache properly.
  11. Serve in kids party!!! kids will surely jump into them to grab the delicious cake pop.


  • For variation you can choose any leftover cake with suitable biscuit or without biscuits too.
  • To decorate use chopped nuts, white shredded chocolate, choco chips.
  • I used buiscuit sticks instead of lollipop stick but then realize it was not able to hold the cake pops and was breaking easily. best to use toothpick or lollipop stick.

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