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Cooking is an art where new recipes are born everyday from every kitchen. Exploring recipes around us will take generations and more. In this section we provide you with recipe index which will help you scroll down the categories more easier and faster for ease of daily cooking. We will be updating oodles of recipes, which we tried out in our kitchens to avail you trusted recipes. Cook from brain with the loving hands to the palette to satisfy loved one's hunger.

Breakfast Recipes

Briyani Recipes

Idli Recipes
Paratha Recipes

Beverage Recipes
Chutney Recipes 

Chat Recipes
Dosa/Adai Recipes

Dal Recipes
Dhokla Recipes

Spice Powder Recipes
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Rice Recipes

Subji Recipes - 
Dry And Stuffed Curry

Sauce Recipes
Savories Recipes

Kuzhambu Recipes

Pasta Recipes

Pancake recipes

Wrap Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Noodles Recipes

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Starter Recipes
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Upma Recipes
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Pulao Recipes
Sambar / Rasam Recipes
Salad Recipes
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Dessert Recipes

Pickle Recipes
Curry Recipes


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